1. It’s a high-quality grammar and spell checker

In order to have good copy, you need to not only be adept at creative writing but also at grammar. Dedicating time to find errors and correct them can disrupt human creativity ,pull their focus away from the text they are writing. AI writers don’t need breaks.so with their help you can make sure that the articles you publish on your website is done the right way.

The Grammarly Editor has as its goal to make reading as natural as possible by formatting content correctly and spelling words correctly. While also keeping a reader’s readability level high. Grammarly can examine text and detect syntax errors such as dangling modifiers, missing punctuation marks, subject-verb agreement , pronoun-antecedent agreement and other basic spelling errors. Its predictive-text offering is powered by Autocorrect.

2.It has a plagiarism checker

If a company doesn’t have the budget for paid plagiarism detecting software then this is really helpful.

Recent incidents and studies comparing articles on the same topics but written by humans and robots found that up to 47 percent of articles featured articles written by at least 50 percent machine-written content. So checking for plagiarism, cheating etc. is more important these days. Hence a tool that detects plagiarism would be very interesting in workplaces going forward. Copyability Content is taking advantage of it in an efficient way by providing an unmuted palagonite detector software for its clients at low costs.

3.Proofreading mode in word doc

Firstly, let’s tell what does proofreading refers to. Proofreading is a process in which the content you wrote with Your Micro Professor Keyboard for Mac. Though, in fact, if you pause within your sentence, Word will automatically offer suggestions from which it can be figured out that you have spelled a word incorrectly or used conventionally wrong punctuation.

To some extent, you as well can download software such as Grammarly to proofread your micro professor writing through Word document by highlighting your mistakes with colors.

grammarly in outlook”. Grammarly is an online proofreading tool that can help you improve your writing. It’s available for browser, as well as for a number of desktop and mobile platforms.

4.It’s the most reliable and accurate spelling and grammar checking tool on the market today

The standard ruler

Spelling and grammar checking may sound like a pointless, basic task. However this is not the case. Errors that are left negligently can be detrimental to a company and all of their clients. Luckily, there’s spellcheck – an all-purpose, easy to use form of research that catches errors most often without fail. It’s having innovative updates added all the time in order to improve its craft. Some recent additions are: a live tiles update for everyday use and an untangle .

If you want to improve your writing skills, then I highly recommend using Grammarly Premium. It has helped me become a better writer and has saved me from making embarrassing mistakes grammatically speaking

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