is a website where you can search and find free, open, and shareable designs from all around the world.

Designers upload their designs to the website and make them available for download on their platform for others to use for free. In order to post a design on, you need to have a profile and be logged in when you are uploading your designs. The design needs to be in vector format (.EPS or .AI) which is scalable without change of quality and can be edited using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw software. The designs should not contain logos or trademarks that belong to any company without permission from them (source).

There are many use cases of AI writing assistants such as generating content ideas at scale, getting rid of writer is a graphics design platform for non-designers. It uses artificial intelligence to help people who are not designers to create layouts and graphics that look professional, by letting them use their own photos or choose from the large library of pictures to make the perfect design. is a website providing a library of templates for different types of design projects. It also has the capability to create logos and illustrate graphics. They package their template library into “packs” which can be used for a specific type of design project.

This website enables the user to select from different designs and customize them as they like with the help of an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. This way, one can develop any type of design project in an intuitive way.

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